Old Dubbo Gaol

Step into the 19th century penal system and experience a day in the life of a colonial prisoner, encounter the conditions and seasonal impacts at any time of year. Our passionate tour guides will animate the realities of life behind bars with stories of break outs and penance.

Fully Guided Tour

Duration – 1.5 hours

Step back in time as the staff at Old Dubbo Gaol take you on a Guided Tour through the Heritage Listed Site. The tour covers the history of the site, the conditions and daily life of the prisoners and the Executioners Story (optional).



Escapes Tour
Duration – 30 minutes + time to take a Self Guided look through the Gaol afterwards.

Share the true Escape Stories of Old Dubbo Gaol. An interactive and engaging tour with time afterwards to explore, Ideal for young school groups but fun for all ages.



Self -guided Tour

Duration – Approx. 1 hour

With a map in hand your group can self guide through the history and wonder at the displays across the site. This option offers groups a chance to explore, perfect if you have independent learners.

Twilight Tour

Duration – Approx. 1.5 hour

Take an interactive tour through the Gaol as our Warden introduces you to life as a prisoner. This tour is fun for all ages but ideal for Primary School Groups.
This tour is available to book from 6pm onwards.

To request an itinerary from our Group Bookings Officer


Tours are coordinated based on current Covid Restrictions and are subject to change

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