Wellington Caves

Unearth and study fossils from a million years ago within the Discovery Lab or step below the surface with our tour guides and see the beauty of an underground landscape.  Absorb an era when mega fauna roamed or in more recent colonial times tuned earth into mines for its resources.

Cathedral Cave

Duration – 1 hour
The Cathedral Cave is the largest and most popular of the show caves. Highlights of this tour include the Altar (a 15m tall stalagmite), Thunder Cave, Headache Rock and The Well. This tour goes for approximately one hour. There are 150 steps in the Cathedral Cave, so comfortable footwear is recommended.​


Gaden Cave

Duration – 1 hour

The Gaden Cave is the smaller of the two show caves but contains large amounts of stalactites, cave coral, flowstone and helictites. This tour goes for approximately one hour. There are 120 steps in the Gaden Cave, so comfortable footwear is recommended.​


Fossil & Phosphate Mine

Duration – 1 hour

The Fossil and Phosphate Mine was a functioning mine during World War 1 and was closed in 1918. It was renewed and reopened as a tourist attraction in 1995. The Phosphate Mine tour takes you through mine shafts and also showcases areas visited by numerous palaeontologists who uncovered Australian megafauna fossils.​


Discovery Lab

Duration – 1 hour

Dig through soil and unearth fossils dating back over one millions years in the new Discovery Lab. See crystal formations up close and learn about the science that happens at the Wellington Caves.

All Caves hold elements of difficulty or accessibility, so please raise any concerns around this with our Bookings Officer to ensure all students can uncover the wonder of the Wellington Caves. 

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Tours are coordinated based on current Covid Restrictions and are subject to change

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