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Western Plains Cultural Centre

Captivate them in our contemporary art gallery, challenge their interpretations across a variety of visual art exhibitions or see local stories and depictions of an era gone by. Our tutors can foster their creativity and extend their understanding of our Museum and Gallery beyond the classroom.

Guided Museum Tour

Our guides will greet your group and take students on a tour of our exhibitions in the Museum, providing information regarding the Dubbo regions’ unique history. Listen to the stories of the people who helped Dubbo develop into the city it is today, the places that make Dubbo special, and the objects that define its place in the region.

Teachers will be provided with specially developed resources and time will be allocated for students to wander the museum and self-explore in a supported environment.

Minimum 30 minutes

Maximum 35 students per group

Guided Gallery Tour

Guides will take students on a tour of our exhibitions where their thoughts, ideas and interpretations of art will be explored. With a changing program of dynamic exhibitions, students will experience a range of artforms, with a variety of mediums and themes for them to investigate and interrogate.  

Guides can tailor your tour to a specific exhibition or cover all available exhibitions – please specify your focus when booking.

Specially developed student resources will be provided and time for questions and students to explore the space is included.

Minimum 30 minutes

Maximum 35 students per group

Self-Guided (Teacher Led) Tour

Utilising the resources available on the WPCC Learn website, teachers can guide their students through the exhibitions in the gallery and museum. Great for self-paced learners, and free of charge.

To ensure dedicated space for your visit, Groups of 20 students or more must be booked through our Group Bookings Officer.

1950's Classroom Experience

Bring the past to life with our 1950s classroom experience! Learn how to write using a dip pen and ink, and hear all about school life of students from the past compared to what students might experience in their own classrooms, all while in our specialised recreation of a 1950s classroom – strict rules included!

Minimum 30 minutes

Maximum 24 students per group



Art Workshops

Workshops are great hands-on activities that help with dexterity while allowing students to explore a creative process. All workshops include a short, guided tour of the Gallery space as a part of the process. All workshops have syllabus links. If you require a specific focus, theme, or art medium, our Art Tutors are able to adapt the workshop to your needs.

All workshops are 2 hours in duration

Maximum 25 students per group


Exploring the Art of Print Making

This printmaking workshop is designed for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, introducing them to different printmaking techniques and materials. Under the guidance of a professional artist, they will experiment with various techniques and create their own unique prints, developing their creativity and style. Through this workshop, students will gain a deeper understanding of printmaking and the skills to create their own prints.

Exploring the Art of Cyanotype

(only available from Nov – May)

This workshop introduces students to a photographic printing process that creates stunning blue-hued prints with the help of sunlight. Our experienced art tutors guide students through the process, providing all necessary materials, while encouraging them to create their own unique designs using objects or drawings. The workshop caters to students of all stages and abilities, with no prior experience required.

Exploring the Art of Still Life Painting

In this workshop for students from all stages, students will discover the fundamentals of visual arts through the process of still life painting. Covering the essentials of composition, lighting, and colour theory, all while creating their own unique works of art. With guidance from our experienced art tutors, participants will experiment with various materials and techniques to produce stunning pieces. Whether they are beginners or experienced artists, all students will find the workshop to be a fun and rewarding experience.

Exploring the Art of Portraiture
Our workshop is tailored to meet the needs of students of all skill levels and abilities. Students will learn the fundamentals of portraiture, such as basic drawing techniques, shading, proportion and scale. Additionally, students will have the chance to experiment with various materials and mediums to develop their own unique style. This is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their skills, build their confidence, and have fun in the process.


To combine a workshop, gallery tour, or 1950s Classroom Experience, please reach out to our Group Bookings Officer for options or further information.

Reach out!
We are happy to answer any queries you may have at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, so let us know and we can get back to you

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