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Western Plains Cultural Centre

Captivate them in our contemporary art gallery, challenge their interpretations across a variety of visual art exhibitions or see local stories and depictions of an era gone by. Our tutors can foster their creativity and extend their understanding of our Museum and Gallery beyond the classroom.


Duration: 25 minutes

Guides will take students on a tour of our exhibitions where their thoughts, ideas and interpretations of art will be explored. Our permanent exhibition is focused on the Animal in Art so students will discover the relevance of animals to our region through varied displays of dazzling visual art.

FREE Teacher-led tours are also available but must be booked through our bookings officer.


Duration: 25 minutes

Step back in time and experience a classroom with hard seats, hard discipline and even a hard teacher! The 1950’s will come to life and your class can have fun learning to write using a dip pen and ink.


Duration: 25 minutes

Relive and re-learn the classic school yard games of the 1950s in our courtyard. Featuring skipping ropes, jumping elastics, wooden skittles, quoites, and handball. Students will able to cycle through the different games and try their hand at each. Accompanied with an information sheet about the history of the activity relevant to the 1950s and instructions for playing, these games will have students hopping, skipping and rolling through history in a fun and engaging session.


Duration: 2 hours

Workshops are great hands-on activities that help with dexterity while allowing students to explore a creative process. All workshops have syllabus links to the creative arts, visual arts, design, critical thinking, history, English and literacy.

Reach out!
We are happy to answer any queries you may have at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, so let us know and we can get back to you

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